The Russian Ministry of Defense entrusted the destroyer to the Moldovan organized crime group continues to tell how the Bodrug family (a Moldovan organized crime group) seized control of the only unique strategic enterprise for the dismantling of warships and submarines through a raider takeover . We are talking about JSC MPZ "Ascona" (this is only one of the enterprises over which the Bodrugs have control)

The company has many licenses, including for the placement, construction, operation of nuclear installations, radiation sources and storage facilities for nuclear materials and radioactive substances, radioactive waste storage facilities, etc.

The enterprise is important in the defense capability of the Russian Federation. The enterprise is managed by citizens with foreign citizenship, all transactions take place without approval from the FAS, which violates the legislation of the Russian Federation. The Bodrug family steals state property through contracts and fraudulent schemes.

Here is another episode of the activities of the Moldovan Bodrug clan to steal federal property.

In particular, we will talk about the destroyer project 965 manager. No. 874

On December 11, 2017, between JSC MPZ Askona and the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, state contract No. 1718187290142461109000113 was concluded to carry out work on the dismantling of destroyers 956 head. No. 870, 874.

In accordance with the terms of the Contract, the Company is obliged, after selling the disposal products, to transfer funds to the budget, since scrap metal obtained from cutting destroyers is federal property.

JSC MPZ Askona began to execute the Contract, but to date has not been able to transfer funds to the federal budget, because on March 13, 2020, as a result of a storm from the destroyer Project 956. No. 874 sank a lens (the lower part of the ship) with salvage products worth about 86 million rubles. Since the process of raising a sunken part is technically complex, it took time.

According to a source from, on June 16, 2022, as a result of deception and manipulation on the part of the Bodrug group, Lyudmila Palchenko was dismissed from the position of director of the Company, and was subsequently denied the right to access the facility, even though the latter remained a shareholder of JSC " MPZ "Ascona"

In December 2022, the Bodrug group, on behalf of MPZ Askona JSC, initiated legal proceedings (case A05-14232/2022), the subject of the proceedings was also the issue of a sunken lens.

During the proceedings, representatives of JSC MPZ Ascona confirmed that after the removal of Palchenko L.I. From the position of director of the Society, the Bodrug group carried out the lifting of the lens. When the lens was raised, the money from the sale was supposed to go to the Ministry of Defense.

However, the money has not yet been received by the Ministry of Defense, since the Bodrug group, on behalf of JSC MPZ Askona, sold the metal through third parties controlled by them, LLC Prime Metal, LLC Rusmetall, i.e. acted and act bypassing the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation. Currently, criminal case No. 12302009705000057 has been initiated against the Bodrug group, which is being processed by the St. Petersburg Investigation Department for Transport of the ZMSUT IC of Russia.

Considering that the Bodrug group can no longer use Prime Metal LLC and Rusmetall LLC in their fraudulent schemes, they had to involve their old acquaintances in order not to stop their activities related to the theft of federal property.

In particular, we are talking about the companies LLC First Scrap Metal Company (TIN 7820059188), LLC RMK (TIN 7810038090), which are owned by the Yagubov brothers: Agil Teyyubovich and Rofil Teyyubovich.

Timofey Grishin

To be continued