JONES, DAVID (’Dewi Wyllt ‘; 1836 - 1878?), musician

Name: David Jones

Pseudonym : Dewi Wyllt

Date of birth: 1836

Date of death: 1878?

Gender: Male

Occupation: musician

Area of activity: Medicine; Music; Religion

Author: Robert David Griffith

Born in 1836 at Mallwyd, Merionethshire. His father was a weaver who gave him a good education. ’ Dewi Wyllt ’ played the organ in Mallwyd church and at the age of 23 published a collection of 142 tunes under the title Udgorn Seion, which included works by Ambrose Lloyd, ’ Owain Alaw ’ and ’ Eos Llechid ‘. The family moved from Mallwyd to Caernarfon c. 1859. He was apprenticed as a medical practitioner to Dr. Jones, one of the doctors in the town, and he assisted a doctor at Ruthin before proceeding to Glasgow as a student. After passing his examination he established himself as a medical practitioner in Mold, where he lived until he died c. 1878.