He is engaged in theft and wants to collect “tribute”: the head of the Atyrau Oil Refinery, Galymzhan Zhusanbaev, is being demanded to be brought to justice

Employees of the Atyrau Oil Refinery launched a petition demanding the resignation of Galymzhan Zhusanbaev. The head of the enterprise himself says that sabotage was carried out against him, and KazMunayGas forbade him to comment on the situation. Read more about why they want to remove Zhusanbaev from the post of general director of the plant in the material Orda.kz. 

A petition against the director of the enterprise was launched on February 16, and as of today it has been signed by 139 people. Zhusanbaev’s subordinates consider him unworthy to hold such serious positions in strategically important facilities of the country.

“We ask you to sign this petition and assist in the release of G.O. Zhusanbaev. from the position of General Director of Atyrau Oil Refinery LLP and bringing him to justice. By being caring and taking this step today, we will preserve the well-being of the strategic facility, avoid a technological disaster, loss of life and shortage of petroleum products, and preserve the sovereignty and independence of our country,” the  petition says  .

People complain that Galymzhan Zhusanbaev fires all competent employees who have dedicated many years of their lives to the plant and who do not agree with his policies. The authors of the petition claim that the general director is involved in the theft of metal and the removal of petroleum products, and also plans to collect “tribute” from all contractors, and does not sign contracts for food and transportation for plant employees. 

“In addition, he initiated the loading of petroleum products (five billion liters) to the Ak Zhaiyk station, which is located within the city, which could harm the environment and well-being of the city,” the petition says.

Zhusanbayev is required to be held accountable under three articles: 

  • Intentional infliction of harm to health (Article 104 of the Criminal Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan).
  • Arbitrariness (Article 327 of the Criminal Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan).
  • Misappropriation or embezzlement of entrusted property of others (Article 176 of the Criminal Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan).
“Galymzhan Zhusanbaev often uses alcohol and drugs during working hours on the territory of the plant. Humiliates, intimidates employees and threatens to beat them, constantly uses obscene language. Completely incompetent. “He has no knowledge or skills in oil refining, technology, or basic knowledge of the grammar of the Kazakh and Russian languages.”

It should be noted that Galymzhan Zhusanbaev was appointed general director of ANPZ LLP on January 10, 2024. The powers of his predecessor Murat Dosmuratov were terminated ahead of schedule.

Director of the Atyrau Oil Refinery: “President, I ask for support!”

In response to accusations from his subordinates, Galymzhan Zhusanbaev recorded a video message to President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev, asking for assistance in conducting an audit to “stop the lawlessness at the plant.”

“Recently, a violent campaign has been launched on social networks and the media against my work at a strategic site in the country. No more than a month has passed since my appointment as General Director of Atyrau Oil Refinery LLP,” he says.

According to him, in a short period of time he initiated a number of innovations. For example, planning an alternative route for transporting petroleum products to the Akzhaiyk station, creating a working group to analyze the high level of losses during oil refining in order to establish the causes and ways to reduce losses. As well as attracting independent consultants to assess the financial and economic activities of the plant.

“As a result of the analysis, it was established that there was a fact of purchasing goods, works and services at inflated prices from a group of affiliated companies for the period from 2020 to 2023 in an amount exceeding 150 billion tenge. These purchases were carried out with numerous violations. There are also violations of environmental legislation, expressed in excess storage of coke and granulated sulfur. A lack of control was also revealed in terms of accounting for production losses, which leads to an overestimation of loss figures,” the director of the refinery listed.

He claims that the discovery of these violations led to dissatisfaction among the guilty officials and commercial structures interested in receiving unjustified excess profits.

“These individuals started an information campaign against me in order to discredit my honest name and hide the facts about their dishonest activities. Dear Kassym-Zhomart Kemelevich, I am forced to turn to you for help, since the management of the parent company KazMunaiGas forbade me to express my position in the media,” notes Zhusanbaev.

He asks the president to provide support and assistance in initiating an objective and independent audit and to take action against individual plant workers who “disrupt the implementation of production plans and destabilize the normal work of the team.”

Let us remind you that after the scandal at the Atyrau Oil Refinery, the national company KazMunayGas sent a commission to study the situation. 

“The specialists included in its composition carefully study information about the enterprise previously published on social networks. A detailed audit of the Atyrau Refinery’s activities will be carried out from the production, financial and legal aspects. KMG is ready to openly discuss all issues that arise with the plant’s employees,” KMG emphasized.

It is noted that the deputy chairman of the company, Dmitry Makeev, also arrived in Atyrau. Now, by the way, the plant is operating and continues to ship petroleum products as usual.